New “Ultimate” locking system


The new “Ultimate” locking system for aluminum roller lid shutters (SOT ROLL series by Tessera4x4 accessories):

In this “News” release we would like to introduce you our latest (huge) upgrade of our aluminum roller shutters (SOT-ROLL series by Tessera4x4 accessories) new locking system.

The constant effort of our company to enhance customers' experience, by providing premium quality products along with exceptional service, is the motivation which always drive us to the future, to the development of new products and evolution of existing.To this continuous race, our R&D department evolved an essential factor to strengthen even more the security of roller lid shutters (SOT ROLL series) with the launch of a new locking system of superior design and power.

Please check below all new characteristics of the upgraded locking system.

The new locking system consists of the combination of sophisticated and elegant design adapted to the philosophy & the lines of aluminum roller lid shutter (SOT-ROLL series).

It is specially designed with a sliding cover and rubber insulation flange for the ultimate protection of any weather conditions. High quality construction, the sliding cap covers and protects the inner mechanism from ice. The addition of rubber insulation flange assist to repel humidity and ensure the flawless operation of the locking mechanism, a very handful feature to all Scandinavian customers and generally countries with harsh climates.

We are glad to announce the new locking system can be also adapted/replace, the older versions of locking systems.

The newly developed locking system is Internationally patented: Design System WIPO Hague (WIPO96020).

A new ergonomic design T shape handle is used to the new locking system with the following characteristics:

FULL body reinforced structure (no adapter), to be even more durable in low temperatures and impenetrable to burglar cases. The full body "T handle" of reinforced metal is extremely strong when applying excess or opposite strength (anti-theft design). This will deter break in actions and ensure total security of customer belongings stored to cargo area.

Its compact and revolutionary ergonomic design assures an easy and flawless handling. It is far softer/easier to operate in open/close process of aluminum roller lid shutter.

Located in the middle of the rear aluminum handle (for limited time it can be also located in passenger’s side).

*** Aluminum roller lid shutter’s (SOT-ROLL series) model list is gradually updated with the new locking system.

Keep all your valuable things protected, choose world’s most secure and finest aluminum roller lid shutter (SOT ROLL series) with certified guarantee of Tessera4x4 Accessories “Think Quality” brand.

Feel free to contact our Sales Team which is always at your disposal to reply all questions and to provide you with any updated information.